stern tube

  • Propeller Shaft Stern Tube

    Stern Tube for Ship/ Ship Stern Tube/ Marine Stern Tube for Sale The marine shaft system is a main part of the steering system for vessels. The whole shaft system includes propeller, stern tube, bearing, hydraulic coupling, middle bearing, hydraulic nut, nozzle, stern tube seal, ,tail shaft, etc. There are two kinds of lubrication systems for the stern tube: water lubrication and oil lubrication For water lubricated bearing not less than 4 x the diameter of the steel shaft. If the bearing is over 380mm diameter forced water lubrication must be used, a circulating pump or other source with water flow indicator.

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  • Stern Shaft Bearing With Flange

    Bronze rubber bearing, bronze rubber bush for water lubricant for marine industry. Naval brass rubber bush adapt equally well to strut and stern tube mounts. And are often used effectively as rudder-stock and pintle bushings. Bearing diameters are precision fitted to the designated shaft size with the correct clearance for efficent water lubrication. External brass shells are machined and polished to provide easy fitting. Specially formulated oil and chemical resistant ntrile rubber is securely bonded to the shell. Unit with thin shells are available for the struts of small craft. Sleeve bearings are usually installed by light press-fitting and locked in place with once pointed set screws

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  • Shafting System Sealing Device

    Product Features High abrasion resistance due to dynamic static frication pairs made of hard alloy materials. Automatic compensation of axial abrasion Anti-corrosion, strong enviEonmental adaptability, long life span Applied for high-speed ship shaft seals

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