Reasonable Analysis of Winding Failure of Propeller Fishing Net


The propeller is often entangled by fishing nets. This situation will increase the torque of the propeller after forensic verification, which will cause an increase in the engine load. When overloaded, it is likely to stall the shaft system, making the screw shaft system and spinning. The damage and deformation of the blades of the propeller may sometimes cause the vibration and noise of the shaft to increase. When a shock signal based on the top speed of the shaft system appears, it proves that the shaft system is not working properly. In this case, the shaft system needs to be further inspected to find the reason for the shock signal. The shaft system vibration and noise increase. On the one hand, the situation is because the scraps of the fishing net block the cooling water passage of the bearing, and on the other hand, the displacement of the shaft coupling flange causes the shafting components to loosen. The cover fins are deformed, the shafting stern shaft flange is worn or damaged, the stern bearing fixing hexagonal bolt is damaged or missing, the coupling connecting flange is displaced, the thrust block of the thrust bearing is damaged, and the torque generated by the ship’s engine is converted into Kinetic energy components. If the propeller fails, the normal course of the ship will be affected to varying degrees. When different failures occur, the handling methods are different. The selection of the appropriate method should be based on a reasonable analysis of the failure.

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