What are the characteristics of controllable pitch propellers


The adjustable pitch propeller controls the control rod in the cab. The electro-hydraulic servo control system inputs the high-pressure oil whose direction and oil volume are controlled through the oil distribution mechanism to the servo cylinder located in the propeller hub, and drives it through the rotating blade mechanism. The propellers have stepless adjustment of the pitch angle in the range of full front and full reverse. For any prescribed pitch angle, the propeller driven by the main engine at a certain speed converts the absorbed torque into the force to push the ship forward or the force to pull the ship backward.

The blades of the controllable pitch propeller are not fixed on the hub, and rotate around an axis perpendicular to the propeller shaft. Use the operating mechanism in the hub to rotate the blades to change the pitch angle, thereby changing the magnitude and direction of thrust to meet the requirements of the ship's forward, reverse, stop, and speed changes. The controllable pitch propeller can make full use of the power and speed of the main engine under different sailing conditions, and use stepless speed change, but the structure is complicated, the cost is high, and the maintenance is difficult.

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