Marine Rudder System

  • Flat Frication Watertight Upper Rudder Carrier

    Flat Frication Watertight Upper Rudder Carrier

    The plane frictional watertight upper rudder carrier is mainly used to bear the weight of the rudder stock and the rudder blade.And it causes radial load by hydrodynamic forces acting on the rudder.In addition, it can guarantee the maneuverability of the ship.This series of products have been widely used in all kinds of large and medium-sized ships.

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  • Roller Upper Rudder Carrier

    Roller Upper Rudder Carrier

    Product Advantage
    It is suitable for small and medium vessels with upper and lower rudder constructions.

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  • Rudder Pintle Sealing Device

    Rudder Pintle Sealing Device

    This rudder printle sealing apparatus is compact in structure and easy to be maintained.It is suitable when the axial size is small.
    It is suitable for the sealingetween the rudder stock and hull,. There are two types of thIs product. One is with shaft diameter 100-300mm, the other is with the shaft diameter 65-100mm. It is approved by CCS, ABS, BV, GL, etc. We can offer the certificate according to customers request.

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  • Rudder Stock

    Rudder Stock

    The products is rudder stock for is a part of rudder system,it is a very important part of steering syetem because it makes sure the vessel change direction,our rudder stocks are made of stainless steel,forged steel and alloy steel.
    The rudder stock can be approved by ABS,CCS,BV,DNV,GL,LR,and NK,etc.we can manufacture the product according to clients drawing and request,if you are interested in our products,please be free to cantact us.

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  • Lower Rudder Bearing

    Lower Rudder Bearing

    This lower rudder bearer is used together with CB*3146 upper rudder bearer and has a good sand prevention effect.
    1.certificate CCS BV ABS
    2. All products can be designed according to customers requirements.
    If you want to get more information, please feel free to contact us. Our employee will use fluent English to serve you.

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  • Sliding Watertight Lower Rudder Bearing

    Sliding Watertight Lower Rudder Bearing

    The gliding watertight lower rudder bearing is mainly applicable to marine transport ships, engineering ships and inland river transport ships with a rudder stock of 50-500mm.It is used together with CB*789 upper rudder bearing and has a good sand prevention effect.
    1.Simple structure,easy to install.
    2.Durable material,long service life.
    3.Depending on the customer's needs, the product can be customized.

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  • Rudder Pintle

    Rudder Pintle

    The Marine Rudder Pintle is designed and manufactured for the rudder system of kinds of ships, It suitable for different size rudder stock, from 50mm to 600mm. There are upper rudder pintle and lower rudder pintle.
    The diameter and length of the rudder pintle will be decided by the design of the whole rudder system.

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  • Upper Rudder Carrier

    Upper Rudder Carrier

    Product Advantage
    It is suitable for small and medium vessels with upper and lower rudder constructions.
    Type A Light Roller Upper Rudder Carrier ,Dia.40-Dia.150, is used to rudders with small loads and pintles of small flexility
    Type B Heavy Roller Upper Rudder Carrier, Dia. 120- Dia.340 , Automatic self-aligning ability and suitale for hinged rudder with heavy loads under bad situation
    Type C Watertight Roller Upper Rudder Carrier, Dia.120mm- Dia. 400, It has the advantages of type B and Sealing Features

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  • Rudder Blade

    Rudder Blade

    The balanced rudder blade is usually a rudder whose axis is between the front and back of the rudder blade.It acts as a balance when steering.
    1.The pressure center of the rudder blade is close to the rudder axis,and the rudder torque required is small.
    2.The rudder blade can reduce the required power of the rudder.
    3.According to the client's request and drawings, we can customize the product.

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